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Category: February 2018

Our Friend Jim

Exceptional people come in all shapes and sizes. Old, young, male, female, teacher, parent, friend, colleague – it’s not so much who they are, but what they do that makes

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Spending Tomorrow’s Savings

Thousands of Calgarians have marked March 1 on their calendars. It’s the deadline for making an RRSP contribution for the 2017 tax year. It’s also the day when a frenzy

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Managing the New Normal

While many people and businesses, directly and indirectly impacted by Calgary’s two-plus year slump, think positive and hope for the much-awaited turnaround, oil industry analysts and insiders are refocused (a

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Business Plus

Owen Clarke is a senior tax analyst at Deloitte Canada. He recently completed a juris doctor and a master of business administration at the University of Calgary. He obtained both

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Analytics Versus Gut Feel

Objectively exploring bubble investing is a hopeless challenge. Economists, analysts and investment professionals are skeptical, wary, leery or worse. Private and amateur investors and day traders are convinced, determined and

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Corporate Events

Whether planning a corporate event, trade show or any other kind of business function, there are basic tools and strategies that are helpful for making the occasion a success. Yet,

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Dressing Local for Success

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “fashion” or “haute couture”? Probably not Calgary. In fact, it likely isn’t even the second thing that

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The Flux in Calgary’s Condo Market

Condo ownership is a hot topic in many Canadian housing markets. Housing market analysts and developers continually monitor trends, underscoring the relevance of factors such as demographics, price points (compared

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