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Category: October 2019

The Business Council of Alberta

Given its name, one might reasonably assume the newly-formed Business Council of Alberta (BCA) has a singular focus on business: an organization made up of, advocating on behalf of, Alberta

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Workplace of the Future, Today

What did your workday look like today? Perhaps you shared your screen with an IT technician to diagnose a printing problem? Or you filled out an employee engagement survey through

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Veni, Vidi, Vici the Venue

In the interstices of Christmas and Stampede there are cocktail receptions, team-building lunches and full-scale client parties. With so many fabulous venues in Calgary, choosing the right one for a corporate

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Show Me the Money

Capital is to business survival as water is to human survival: without it, a business (just like the person) will eventually die. While many businesses obtain large chunks of capital

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A Home Away From Home

Living in Alberta has many advantages, including being in close proximity to the mountains and lakeside vacation spots. In the winter, Albertans enjoy taking advantage of the snow with weekend

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Boosting Small Business

It’s an undisputable business fact: small businesses are critical to Calgary’s economy. While perceptions continue to change, references to “small business” can be misleading. The biggest faux pas: small businesses

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A Different Kind of Daycare

For more than a decade, redefining daycare and taking it to new levels has been Nancy E. Klensch’s passion, commitment, calling and, in various ways, her life. The dynamic and

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A Canadian First

Alberta’s energy story is so solid and colossal that, aside from the transformations of technology and the flux of the economy and politics, innovative and industry-altering “firsts” are rare and

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Calgary’s Solar Power

It’s no secret that anything to do with the energy sector in Canada is notoriously layered in levels of bureaucracy. But recently, a major (and final) hurdle has been overcome.

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