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Category: Healthy Living

New Calgary Cancer Centre

Slated to open in mid-2024, the Calgary Cancer Centre will be a major milestone in cancer treatment and care in Alberta. The state-of-the-art facility, which spans 1.4 million square feet

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Mental Health at Work

Calgary employers are dealing with an insidious and challenging crisis: mental health in the workplace! Throughout North America, mental health concerns and burnout have skyrocketed. Nearly six times as many

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Senior Health

The stereotypes give misleading impression that “the golden years” are a time of aches and pains and worse. But, in many ways, the stereotypes are stale, dated and being proven

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Focus on Healthy Living

Healthy living has always been an important and often challenging fact of life. But it’s also a daunting, complex and complicated (sometimes confusing, conflicting and controversial) taken-for-granted goal. Particularly in

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