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Building for Tomorrow

In the dynamic landscape of business, where adaptability is essential and uncertainty is the norm, one critical aspect often relegated to the backburner is succession planning.   Highlighted by a 2022

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The Social and Business Sport

In Calgary, and throughout North America, golf is a uniquely enjoyable, double-headed monster of a game. Unlike other popular sports, like hockey, basketball, soccer and softball, golf is a wonderful

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Achieving Net Zero (or Better)

When it comes to popularized phrases from the last few years, net zero is at the top of the list. Governments, businesses, NGOs, think-tanks and media have all touted net

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All Hands On Deck

The labour shortage. It’s on every employer’s lips, especially in the trades. The Government of Alberta forecasts a shortage of 3,000 workers per occupation across 11 sectors by 2030. Counted

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Beware of Rising Ransomware

Akira, BlackCat, Medusa and Phobos may seem like fitting names for your new cat, yet they instead represent some of the most common and viscous ransomware variants that businesses in

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Calgary’s Conversion Trend

Downtown has a problem. Calgary developers, urban planners and City number–crunchers have a solution. Conversions!  In simplified, nutshell terms, because the reasons and mitigating factors are complex, the commercial spaces

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The Calgary Market 2024

Calgary’s housing market is mostly positive, but 2024 continues the way 2023 ended: with trend-setting flux. Conventional single family, detached homes are down. Multi-family is up. And rentals are hot,

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Calgary Auto Show ’24

“They’re baaaaack!”  There are many ways to properly describe the popularity of the Calgary International Auto and Truck Show. Dazzling! Interesting! Sprawling! Browsing! Experiencing and show-and-tell exciting! Getting ideas! And

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