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Calgary Auto Show ’24

It’s back, and better than ever!

Autoshow crowd.

“Theyre baaaaack!” 

There are many ways to properly describe the popularity of the Calgary International Auto and Truck Show. Dazzling! Interesting! Sprawling! Browsing! Experiencing and show-and-tell exciting! Getting ideas! And fun.  

And after three years of beyond-anybody’s-control speedbumps and absence, the Calgary International Auto and Truck Show is back, better than ever at the BMO Centre, Stampede Park from March 7 to 10, 2024.  

“COVID closed our show in March of 2020, and we have been anxious and hopeful, but struggled to host a Calgary Auto Show since then,” admits a relieved and enthusiastic Jim Gillespie, the executive manager of the Calgary Motor Dealers Association (CMDA).  

“Global supply chain issues hit the automobile industry hard, and trade shows were a key casualty. More importantly, the economy was placed on hold, by all the forced pandemic closures that governments mandated to safeguard the public health.” 

Although getting ready for the excitement of the 2024 Calgary Auto Show is all about looking forward, not the rearview mirror, Gillespie admits that it’s been a challenging couple of years. “By last year, we thought it was okay to resume, and we did have some manufacturers committed to attending and participating but, quite frankly, there wasn’t enough of them to be fair to the people who would attend.  

“Last year was just not going to be the caliber of Auto Show that people expected, so unfortunately, we cancelled the 2023 Show.” 

It’s 2024, the fog has lifted, life has rebounded and it is good. The Calgary Auto Show is all set and ready, with more than 200 vehicles on display and over 30 different manufacturers taking part. And there is extra good news. By popular Calgary demand, the 2024 Auto Show comeback also includes Heavy Trucks. 

The Auto Show, a leader in lifestyle, technology and all things automotive, will be a Calgary showcase for the latest cars, trucks, SUVs, EVs, luxury cars, classics, concept cars, exotics and more. It is both tradition and fact that the Auto Show is so much more than a browsing and shopping opportunity.  

It is an automotive celebration for a wide range of Calgary visitors. Of course, the many shimmering and vibrant displays of cars and trucks will get lots of oohs and aahs, and although Auto Show browsers have individual areas of interest, technology and automotive features, the 2024 Calgary Auto and Truck Show will also include the latest trends of some eye-catching new colours. 

Typically, while car and truck colours are often in the popular but basic range from the classic white to grays and blacks, some reds, blues and other colours, manufacturers are now embracing new, non-classic automotive shades, from transparent blues to pastels and light green. 

Once again, the interactive display of various new technologies will be interesting experiences. “EVs are an exciting 2024 topic. There’s a monumental change happening in the auto industry right now, so it’s extremely important to tell the story,Gillespie explains.  

Consumers, consumer trends, auto industry insiders and governments are unanimous. Demand for EVs has grown markedly over the past decade, thanks to consumer convenience choices, heightened environmental concerns, greater availability of models, increased cost competitiveness with conventional gas vehicles and improved vehicle ranges. 

“The evolution of electric vehicle technology is a very hot topic for today’s consumers,” he emphasizes. “And this year’s Auto Show will feature the largest indoor EV Ride & Drive in Western Canada, with more than 17 different EV models for consumers to test drive, giving Calgarians a chance to experience large displays of electric vehicles and experience the feeling of an EV ride.” 

A lot of planning and market research goes into the detailed work of making the Calgary International Auto Show enjoyable, interesting and worthwhile. “Calgarians love cars, SUVs and they love trucks. The Calgary consumer has spoken. It is why the Show is again shining a spotlight on Heavy Trucks. “Whether it’s popular cars, SUVs or trucks,” Gillespie notes, “Calgary has a large footprint for a city. Although our C-Train is terrific, unlike other major areas, in Calgary and its outlying areas transit doesn’t always work for people to get from one end to another.” 

The Auto Show organizers and exhibitors also bring amazing interactive displays that not only captivate a wide range of audiences, but always entertain and educate. It’s an important appeal of the Show.  

Another popular dimension of the Calgary Auto Show is going outside ‘the automotive box’ with special displays and interactive special experiences.  

“This year, we are welcoming back the Prostate Cancer Centre, which will encourage patrons to get a free PSA test during the Show. Also, something different and special, women over 18 will enjoy our Toyota Ladies night on Friday, March 8. As a special appreciation, the Show is offering 50 per cent discount on adult weekday admittance to all Calgary and area first responders and health care professionals.”