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The Big Ball

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The Big Ball, an annual charity gala held at Calgarys esteemed Hotel Arts, symbolizes philanthropy and community solidarity. Over the last six years, Hotel Arts has played a pivotal and proud role as both the hosts and title sponsors of the Big Ball Gala. Originating as the Bill Brooks Gala and persevering for an impressive 19 years, this event has evolved into a remarkable alignment of shared goals. Hotel Arts remains enthusiastic about sustaining its dedication not only to the Women for Men’s Health (WFMH) cause but also to the broader philanthropic work in Calgary. Together, we are united in the mission for a healthier and more compassionate community, standing as beacons of support for initiatives that make a lasting impact on the wellbeing of Calgary. 

Attracting the city’s finest, the gala has been providing Calgarians (and beyond!) with an unparalleled opportunity to party with a cause for six years. All proceeds garnered are donated by the Women for Mens Health organization to various initiatives that seek to improve both psychological and physical health outcomes for men in our community, who continue to be impacted by disparities in mental health services especially. 

From being tightly knit with the Cavalry Football Club to forging a friendship with Olympic gold-medalist, Mark Tewksbury, the Big Ball has been steadily growing a base of influential advocates and ambassadors. With every passing year, the event continues to raise both support and awareness for the challenges that men face when traversing our healthcare system. To this end, a majority of the proceeds of the 2024 Big Ball have been contributed to the ongoing development of the Kawakami Prehabilitation Clinic.  

This clinic is named after Dr. Jun Kawakami, a urologist and dear friend of the WFMH group, who died in 2021 of pancreatic cancer at the age of 48. The goal of the pre-habilitation program is to optimize healing outcomes for patients diagnosed with significant disease by improving all aspects of their physical, mental and emotional health, prior to surgical intervention. After a long wait, the clinic is scheduled for completion this year! 

In appreciation of Mark Tewksbury’s ambassadorship, a portion of the proceeds from this year’s Big Ball were also donated to the 2024 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games in Calgary. Mark represents the Big Ball’s commitment to extending support to men and men-identifying individuals who are included in the LQBTQ+ community, who have exceptionalities, or who simply subscribe to a new definition of masculinity. The Big Ball is fiercely dedicated to supporting, raising awareness and providing an inclusive space for all to celebrate individuals in our community. 

This year’s Big Ball was a monumental success. Thanks to the support and big hearts of many individuals, the event sold out of tickets, hosted its inaugural VIP reception and was able to raise over $300,000 for a good cause. 

The next Big Ball is scheduled for January 31, 2025, so mark your calendars and prepare for a night like no other!