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Marketing Matters

David Parker

If it’s true that travel broadens the mind, then Chris McPhail and his staff at Strut Creative certainly got to know a lot about Alberta and B.C as they toured both provinces. They visited thousands of students while working with Canadian Geographic to take the Energy IQ program on the road.

Funded by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, the innovative literacy program included a giant floor map, a professional educator and learning materials tailored to the two provinces’ unique energy production, transmission and consumption realities. It provided interactive online learning tools and curriculum-linked in-classroom teaching resources to schools across the country.

Last fall Strut wrote and produced a 60-second Grey Cup television spot celebrating the launch of Shell’s Quest carbon capture project. It was followed by a TV ad with a “Ride the Bus On US” experiential activation, with Shell giving away 500 Toronto Transit passes to help Canadians reduce their own emissions.

McPhail says the summer was very busy. Strut launched an investor portal for Arlington Street Investments, a cloud-based information system for South Calgary Primary Care Network, and is helping to rebrand the Elks – one of Calgary’s oldest golf clubs.

Strut has also been flying the Calgary creative flag with McPhail presenting a case study on its mobile crisis communications and volunteer platform to a group of Canada’s top executives at an event co-hosted by Google and Microsoft, and company founder Aaron Salus was keynote speaker at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference.


Todd Sloane, owner and creative lead at Tag Advertising, has always had a passion for the science fiction genre and over the years – since sci-fi TV movies and comic books – has amassed an impressive collection of ’50s and ’60s tin toy robots and space vehicles.

Now he has sculpted his own sci-fi version of the future creating a collection of robots assembled from vintage technology using knobs, gears, wires, vacuum tubes and gauges from radios and TVs to everyday household items.

The Salvaged Ones are quite incredible pieces of art that Sloane is exhibiting at Tag Advertising on Thursday, October 13.

Don’t miss it.


In light of our current economic troubles, Mosaic Communications has been expanding its reach into Quebec, Ontario, Montana, California and B.C.

I attended a reception recently that Melodie Creegan and her staff organized to promote Spirit Bay, a new sustainable village on Vancouver Island. Mosaic is responsible for the branding, advertising and communications of the development.

Increased business has meant more staff: Margo McKee with Stronger Branding has teamed up with Mosaic as lead creative director and Sarah Hlapcic, previously co-owner of Beleza Swimwear, is in a business development role.


Parker’s Pick: Congratulations to Jocelyn Flanagan on the 15th anniversary of e=mc² – now a team of 30 in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.