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David Parker

Parker’s Pen – May 2024

I love trees – we all love trees. There are people who believe they can communicate with trees, people who believe trees can feel pain. Certainly, a large tree can exude

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Parker’s Pen – April 2024

I well remember Irwin Drugs on the corner of 17th Avenue and 8th Street S.W., way back after we arrived in Calgary, and I was selling advertising for The Albertan

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Parker’s Pen – March 2024

Choreography is such a nice word – looks good and it rolls off the tongue. I don’t pretend to be a lover of ballet, but its meaning in suggesting the

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Parker’s Pen – February 2024

I’ve often commented that the older you get, the louder the music. But do I detect a raising of the noise levels in TV sports? I suspect that engineers increase

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Parker’s Pen – January 2024

I admit to being a man who can bear a grudge. Despite events like George Brookman’s Breakfast on the Peace Bridge fundraiser, I’ve yet to set foot on it. I

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Parker’s Pen – October 2023

There are a number of words that one rarely hears or reads anymore. Ones that I would like to resurrect – like henceforth, niggardly, daft and kerfuffle. Codswallop is a

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