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How do I Want to Live?


Garth Mann

Although our genes determine everything from our height to our physical features, our genetics account for about one-third of how healthy we are and our longevity on this planet. Indeed, there is no reason why most humans don’t live to be 100 years young, retaining good health with memory.

The Dynamics for Healthy Aging, is mainly about understanding that many diseases called Chronic Health Conditions, are preventable. These diseases are traditionally known as cardio-respiratory conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), obesity, type 2 diabetes, anxiety—depression—dementia, toxins and substance abuse, some auto-immune illnesses and even some cancers; all of which can be prevented.

Alberta Health Services stats show that a high percentage of patient visits to their doctor plus hospital emergency visits to the hospital, were related to Chronic Health Diseases.

Every doctor should greet their patient with this question; HOW DO YOU WANT TO LIVE?

Your doctor’s goal in assisting your health, would be better served, if they knew the answer to How Do You Want to Live? How can your doctor do his or her job well, if you are not assisting with your health?

Did you know in Canada, we are diagnosed and clinically treated excessively with PHARMA?

Because healthcare in Canada is free, it is essentially having little value to many Canadians. In the mind of many patients it is not their responsibility to be healthy. It is their doctor’s responsibility and the Canadian system that is accountable for those who are suffering with chronic health diseases.

There are only Four Main Pillars for The Dynamics of Healthy Aging.

  1. Physical stretch & flex with mobility for 20 minutes daily combined with Mental activity as a significant factor in preventing chronic health conditions. Improvement in health is measured through your biometrics (lab test results) and vitals. All of us need to read and understand the normal range and the risks for abnormal biometric results.
  2. Heart and Mind Smart nutrition that is based on a Mediterranean Diet. Start your morning with whole grains such as oatmeal and perhaps limit your dairy, by adding fruits to your cereal. This will start your day with a smile on your colon😊.
  3. Add Sleep Benefits to your Program by engaging a routine where you avoid caffeine and over-eating after 6:00 pm.

Mindfulness & Meditation should be a regular 10-minute program for destressing of your mind, before you lie down in bed. Turn off your cell phone and the television then enjoy the serenity of a warm evening bath to assist your relaxation.

  1. Social Activities and Stimulation and often laughter with friends or by enjoying music with others of similar interests. We are social beings who need creativity, learning additional information, and keeping our body and mind active.

Do not forget compassion because in our hectic world, this is often forgotten.

Now ask yourself, “HOW DO I WANT TO LIVE”?