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Is Covid-19 Understood by Canadians?

Garth Mann

In Canada, the statistics are now starting to surface regularly in all provinces, as medicine, science, business and politics, weigh the various options to control the spread of the pandemic. The Alberta interactive aggregate data on COVID-19 cases is published weekly.

The numbers and percentage of health conditions among COVID-19 deaths have revealed that individuals who are mature seniors and who have multiple pre-conditions called comorbidities, are most subject to a more severe illness, and even death because of COVID-19. Our position at The Manor Villages is to protect our residents.

What the statistics are telling Canadians below the age of 60 is that COVID-19 is not a serious illness in most cases, providing the patient is relatively healthy, without multiple comorbidities.

Therefore, one would think that every Canadian would:

  • seriously consider becoming more mobile, with daily exercise routines
  • want to understand their personal vitals and biometrics following lab test results. It makes sense that the patient understands and follows their vitals and lab tests.
  • want to understand what nourishing foods and liquids can be metabolized for bodily digestive functions.
  • work to de-stress regularly to help lower their risks of comorbidities while improving their sleep habits. A healthy body/mind requires seven to eight hours each night.

Unfortunately, the statistics do not indicate that this is how Canadians are thinking. The percentages reveal the opposite, where the population points to their government’s health plan and doctors as the reason for their personal lack of wellness. One can only assume that their doctor has become fatigued requesting their patients socialize at health clubs instead of at restaurants and pubs serving deep-fried foods.

Four times the number of Canadians die from drug abuse and suicides than from COVID-19. Sadly, very few people know or care about the importance of mental wellness.