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Marketing Matters – April 2020

David Parker

Always a believer in hiring local talent, it is more important than ever to provide as much work as possible to Calgary companies during the current economic blip.

So why, for heaven’s sake, has the University of Calgary contracted a Vancouver company to handle its media buying services. I know that for the past 12 years this task has been handled very well by Deborah Lam, an experienced specialist who was national media buyer for Hayhurst for a number of years, but now I understand the university has made a change.

Fine if it felt new blood – or whatever – was needed, but there are other media buying firms in town that are quite capable of doing the job well.

Bad enough that the institution – willing to accept provincial government funding – hires out-of-city architects to design new buildings; our creative, marketing and public relations companies are not having the best of times and should be supported.

And they are among the best you will find anywhere in the country.

The impact of moving communications services has a far broader effect than on one individual firm. For instance, a move outside the city means they are termed national accounts and local reps are then also out of pocket due to the loss of local relationships.

In my opinion, all Calgary companies should make every effort to support local businesses. Doesn’t matter the size of the organization, loss of revenue or perhaps even loss of jobs means those affected have lost buying power to support other Calgary businesses and to provide pro-bono services to support local charities.


A communications firm that does support those in need, Forward Level organized last month’s Move Forward YYC fundraising initiative at Hotel Arts. The entire ticket price went to purchase new underwear for men and women at the Mustard Seed.


One of the Calgary firms starting the year in a positive mood is Tag Advertising.

Recently, it was tasked with creating an HR campaign for Aucerna that brought company representatives from around the world to the Calgary headquarters for interviews and a photo shoot to be featured in a new “Heroes” campaign.

Tag has picked up more retail shopping centres with the addition of Park Place in Lethbridge, Medicine Hat Mall and Northland Village Mall in Calgary. New business has meant the need for new hires including Milan Janicek as senior art director and digital art director, and account manager Sarah Cullen, who rejoined TAG after a stint working in Ireland.


Parker’s Pick: Sam Corea – who understands the value of consistent marketing.