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Memories – Inn on Officer’s Garden

Garth Mann

During the 1930’s as young men stationed at Currie Barracks prepared themselves for World War ll, they wanted to have some enjoyment with pleasant memories before they were called off to war.

Flanders’ Fine Foods is now the new name for The Officers’ Mess, where these young men enjoyed the best home cooking while stationed at Currie Barracks.

The quality of the many dishes is still memorable as the grown children of these Army, Airforce, Navy heroes have relayed to them. These were difficult times, but the Regiment relayed many happy events that still cause people to laugh.

The grown children have heard about the renovated Snake Pit with an old shuffleboard table that holds memories around those significant battles that involved Calgary’s First Princess Patricia Regiment.

The most popular space is the Officers’ Pub with the huge tree in the centre of the room, where patrons examine the artifacts of a different era in time.

Guests are amazed when they learn that the hardwood floors are original from the 1930s.

Adding to the story of this historic building is the night in 1951 when Her Royal Highness – Princess Elizabeth spent a romantic evening in the Officers’ Suite on the second floor with His Royal Highness – the Duke of Edenborough. A restful evening was needed before the next day when Mayor Don MacKay put on a real Stampede in October to entertain the young royal family.

Today, young couples are lining up to have their weddings in the Event Hall – and then enjoy a romantic evening 70 years after the royal couple spent their memorable time. Today the refurbished Suite is called “QE-ll – The Bridal Suite.

Prepare yourselves for enjoying many future days and evenings at The Inn on Officers’ Garden.

Test your skills with games and activities in the Living Room and the Snake Pit while enjoying the red and white house wines or drafts and crafts.


We prefer that you come to visit, however for drive through pick-up, call for Flanders Fine Foods favorites – 587-231-0011.

Calgarians now have meaningful history with enjoyment for all ages.

Make Living FUN AGAIN.