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Mental Health is a Top Priority Due to Covid-19

Garth Mann

Our Minds Matter

When it comes to mental health, employers and managers need not sit back passively. An effort must be put forward now to show leadership at all levels for providing support for senior residents and front-line staff-associates at senior supportive care communities.

The coronavirus has not just been a respiratory ailment, it is a wake-up call to become aware of mental health needs as a result of long spaces of continual social distancing.


Here is a formula of 6 POINTS that must be prescribed for all of us with COVID FATIGUE

1: Staff-associates must focus on only their areas of expertise for daily choices to interact with residents and other front-line staff. People feel more productive instead of feeling helpless with the daily exchange of data that is received from Alberta Health Services.

2: Coach staff-associates to focus on the routine of the flow of what is essential to facilitate the residents’ needs in order to avoid stress and a disconnect from our purpose. We ask that staff not push themselves too hard in this workplace environment. Our Mobility Stretch & Flex classes with Mindful Meditation needs to be available to both residents and front-line staff.

3: Be patient with yourself and our residents so there is no apprehension and pressure. We know that we all are impacted by the pressures of COVID.

4: Monitor the media to limit your consumption of more news than is considered healthy. Forego social media connections where the emphasis appears to be negative or unhappy. Avoid the news tickers across the TV screen because it may be too much information which can result in feelings of anxiety and depression.

5: Stay connected. Where we aim for residents to not feel isolated, we can aim to mediate loneliness as a major factor in depression. Family communication is essential, whether via Facetime or ZOOM, or better yet a scheduled in-person visit. The Manor Village Life Centers are producing ZOOM sessions for a Virtual Happy Hour where families can chat and toast each other from their home or workplace.

6: Psychology for Manor Village Life Centers has been established by our Wellness Team where ZOOM provides the connection with psychologists to answer the questions of residents suffering from “COVID Fatigue.” Through these meaningful conversations, emotions are sifted through and healthy habits are developed.

The Manor Villages Life Centers has yet to experience a case of COVID-19. Stay well.