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Parker’s Pen – August 2020

David Parker

There’s a concern that future generations will not be able to write as people deliver far too much communication with the use of a keyboard. I’m wondering if we will also forget how to talk! It is rare that I get a telephone call today thanks to texting and emailing. Especially frustrating when there’s a need to discuss, like a time to organize a meeting when we banter back and forth; quicker to just pick up the darn telephone and solve right away.

Why be inconvenienced by the complexity of human interaction.

It was a long time between receptions held face to face. My first was with CH Financial where we were all impressed by Alysia Risling, Canadian Olympic bobsled pilot, who has been sponsored by CH Financial and spoke, very eloquently, as the firm’s ambassador.

George Brookman’s column in the Calgary Herald suggested that now the deal is done to build the Green Line, the best thing for us to do is to get behind it. I did notice he made reference at the end to the fact that many of those on council who voted to spend our money will be collecting their civic pensions by the time final costs are calculated.

I can’t help but wonder why – at time of writing – no replacement has been found for Alida Vishbak, the very competent president and CEO of Heritage Park, even though she gave her notice last September.

We still await a permanent general manager at the Calgary Downtown Association since Marco De Iaco left that position and there has been a changing of the guard with the Telus Convention Centre.

I don’t follow fads – never worn a baseball cap back to front – so am a little frustrated with the increasing number of books that display their titles in a dribble of typography from top to bottom. As a book collector and appreciator of good design, I do wish publishers would spend a dollar to get illustrators of the like of Rockwell Kent, Maurice Sendak and Quentin Bake to design new dust jackets.

And on the subject of design, how did the out of town architect get the okay to create the under-construction 28-storey tower of student rental units on the corner of Motel Village at Crowchild Trail. Apart from the Lego-like appearance it must be an offence to residents of Briar Hill whose houses are looked down upon from its windows.

Kudos to the leaders of historic Ogden United Church who have shown their interest in community needs by re-developing its property with The Mustard Seed to add 24 multi-family affordable housing units.

And let’s bring our hands together to thank the Brawn Family Foundation in immersing children in the fascinating world of insects with the opening of Bugtopia at the Calgary Zoo.

End quote: It’s better to wear out than rust out