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Parker’s Pen – December 2022

David Parker

Our local sports media can’t be expected to cover everything, but they really missed out on reporting the results of the exciting World Conker Championships.

Held by the Shuckburgh Arms (a village pub near Oundle, Northamptonshire – my home county) the contest was watched by 15,000 spectators.

BBC reported that the men’s world champ is Randy Topolnitsky of Calgary.

Well done – I remember the pain of hitting my thumbs many times playing Conkers when I was a lad.


I naturally love words, their meaning and their usage. Came across one I hadn’t seen for a long time that is quite expressive – stick-to-it-iveness.

I thought about it chatting with George Trutina of Truman Homes who certainly needed to be persistent in facing the challenges in building his very successful development company from a one-man drywaller operation in 1978.


Two big wonders.

Why, when so many flights have been cancelled, do I still get emails a couple of times a week offering me deals on flights?

And how come seniors’ homes spend so much on advertising the benefits of moving into their facilities when most people I know are told ‘no vacancies’ or that they have to take a tiny unit until they can upgrade into a two-bedroom?

Reminds me of a friend’s funeral when her daughter told the story of when her mother first moved into a residence. “You’ll love it here,” one man told her, “And hopefully you will just die in your bed when the time comes.”

“No way,” Betty said, “I wouldn’t have my teeth in!”


It’s a real shame that the quest for more money is tainting the wonderful world of golf. It’s sad to see former golf great Phil Michelson on camera trying to justify his desertion to LIV.

But what worries me is the effect the future of the PGA might have on the millions the organization raises for charities in the U.S.


I’m not having an easy time referring to our zoo as The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo but it doesn’t change the pride I have in it becoming a leader in critical wildlife conservation.

It is internationally recognized for its world-class animal care and habitat design practices and educational efforts in telling the importance of biodiversity and conservation to visitors.

The leopard frog reintroduction breeding program for the amphibian considered to be the most endangered frog in B.C., and its hugely supported Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary in northeast Ghana are just two of the many ways our zoo is playing a huge part in saving endangered and at-risk species.


From where I’m sitting as I write, watching happy snorkelers off the beach in Maui, it’s good to see people exercising while enjoying the beauties of nature.

Too bad we don’t all get outside more and marvel at the creation we seem to be doing our best to destroy.

When I was a boy, every day was spent among the hedgerows and streams, and I remember a quote I read of a fourth-grader in San Diego who answered, “Why are you playing indoors?” with, “Because that’s where all the electrical outlets are.”

More inspiring from Oglala Lakota writer Luther Standing in 1933 – “Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.”


Final words: Knock on the sky and listen to the sound. – Zen Master