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Parker’s Pen – January 2021

David Parker

I’m a big fan of the several ‘Buy Local’ campaigns as a way of trying to help some of our hard-hit retailers, so the increasing number of people buying online is annoying.

I live on a fairly quiet street where COVID-19 has seen an increase in walkers going by – even without dogs – which is good. But so have the number of trucks delivering for UPS, Purolator, FEDEX and the like. No help for Calgary businesses.

Disappointing, as they are the ones who support our embattled charities.

A good example is Village Brewery that since launched 10 years ago has donated more than $850,000 to local charities.

Company Christmas parties didn’t happen but the good people over at MNP took that expense and gave it to its around 500 Calgary team members in the form of gift cards to be redeemed at locally owned restaurants. And also donated cash to the Salvation Army and food bank.


I’m all for supporting local although it’s a mistake for all of our giving to stay here. So many worthwhile organizations around the world are also much in need, and it does feel good to buy a goat for a family in Malawi. To get yourself a local feel try Calgary-based Operation Eyesight, HOPEthopia or CAWST.


Being always interested in words I’m fascinated as to why they disappear from language and new ones get added, but I fail to see why marketing is changing them so rapidly. “Basements” have been replaced by “lower levels,” and I noticed a corporate appointment of someone named as Chief Brand and People Officer!

Before Calgary we lived in a semi-detached home, so I had to learn a new word – duplex. Over the years it became “side-by-side” and now a new descriptor – “paired home.” Is that any better?

A little sad to see the Corral buried in a heap of dust as many must have good memories of being in the iconic building. My first recollection was as a wide-eyed young man outside the doors dancing around the Sun-Dance Tree with artist Dick van den Hoogen and members of the Blackfoot Nation thanks to my old friend Chief Ben Calf Robe of the bridge fame.


Glad I don’t have to use social media like Facebook, or blogs and podcasts, but I do understand the adverse effect they are having on other media.

It costs to keep Canadians in the know with information gathered by trusted journalists. According to an article by Diane Francis while newspaper revenues declined 43 per cent between 2014 and 2019, Google increased 113 per cent and Facebook by 387 per cent. Yet they continue to link news articles with the use of uncompensated material.

Pocketing on the backs of journalists, which promoted a campaign of David Versus Two Goliaths.


Final Words: Live simply, that others may simply live.