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Parker’s Pen – July 2023

David Parker

The voice of the people was heard and listened to, thank goodness, as the decision to ban fireworks was reversed by the City.

Never heard of Common Sense Calgary but it’s a good name for a group of people obviously fed up – like I am – with the nonsense in being far too sensitive in trying to address cultural, community and environmental effects like celebrating our Canada Day.

Let me say from my long association with our Chinese community, they love fireworks.

I was privileged to attend the ceremony in Daqing, Northern China, when a road was renamed Calgary Avenue. I was standing next to the man whose job it was – seemed dangerous to me – to hold a long pole studded with firecrackers. When they went off, he was forced to jump up and down with the force.

But the people loved it.

And we can thank Wayne Chiu, founder of the Trico Group of Companies, for his many years of support of the Globalfest – guess what – dubbed as an international fireworks festival.


It was a long provincial election but thank goodness it’s all over with.

It was certainly the cause of yet another of my gripes about unwanted messages invading my precious time. One could certainly tell how scared the UCP was in this city because during the last couple of weeks before voting I was called with ‘personal’ messages from the Premier at least once and sometimes twice a day.

Recordings ignored but add several text messages and emails to urge me to vote, and it became quite annoying.


I’d heard that some developers – out of towners – were holding off on investment decisions until after the election.

But good to see that local investors kept their confidence. Like ATCO that is spending a lot of money to totally renovate its two-tower complex on the corner of 11 Avenue and 8 Street S.W. And keeping it as high-class office space with all the amenities that attract tenants today.

Also watch for a development by Ronmor Holdings of its full city block of land it owns across from where the new Calgary Event Centre will be built.


On my map there is only one small Rocky View County space left separating Calgary from Airdrie. And that city is encroaching further south towards that line with a massive development by Vesta Properties.

Just below the under construction QEII overpass at 40 Avenue, the Langley, B.C.-based company is well under-way with of its South Point Village master-planned residential development that will showcase 617 new homes. Dirt is also being moved between the homes and the QEII for its additional 50 acres to provide a retail, restaurant alley and auto mall hub that will be a destination for people from a wide area.


Stampede is just around the corner, and we should all get down to the grounds and have a great time.

But don’t succumb to gluttony.

Thoughts of walking the midway remind me of those awful contests of seeing how many hot dogs one could eat before throwing up.

Eat and drink responsibly and healthily.


Final words: One whiskey is good for you, two are too many, three are never enough.