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Parker’s Pen – June 2021

David Parker

Politicians have always been seen as fair game for the media, but few have allowed themselves to be such a good target as our provincial government.

So many expected so much from a return of a conservative party but feel let down because its popularity has sure taken a hit.

Leadership and timing are so important yet decisions have been made that deserve us taking a shot at.

First off, at a time when the world is taking notice of climate change and the terrible damage to our environment – Brazilian rain forests – it is not time to suggest topping off a mountain to dig for coal. A deserved public backlash.

And then after recognizing that people are fed up with the pandemic and are being urged to take in some fresh air for health’s sake, why slap an entrance fee on Kananaskis. We were told that all moneys would go back into the park, but starting with new parking lots is not something the chipmunks and chickadees might get too excited about.


City council have not been behaving much better. Experts at waffling. Do any of us really know where we are at with our money being spent on a new arena, Green Line or the proposed revitalization of downtown?

A question on the downtown plan is why has Calgary Economic Development hired a Toronto company to help? And I note in its comments that housing is important but although I applaud the new residential towers by HomeSpace, the idea of encouraging more seniors’ living, affordable housing and student accommodations will do little for the high-end retail and fine dining establishments.

One more city hall comment. We will be getting a new mayor and at least half a dozen new alderman come October. Probably about time, but the scary thing is there is no apprenticeship to becoming an alderman – or even a mayor. Yet the new people sitting in the chambers could be quickly deciding on big budget items.


Time for a smile. I read a quote by Warren Buffet in the Berkshire Hathaway annual report: “Ronald Reagan cautioned that it’s said that hard work never killed anyone, but I say why take the risk?”


I note that the nominees for new members of the Glenbow Museum include a great grand niece of Louis Riel, a member of the Blood Tribe in Lethbridge and a member of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte in Southern Ontario.

Good thinking. And I hope that they will help put an emphasis on the Museum side that was such a passion of founder Eric Harvie, as well as the Glenbow’s interest in being a contemporary art gallery.


Hi-Tech is deemed to be the saviour of the city, but it’s not a new industry for Calgary; many firms were launched after the post-NEP downturn. That’s when Premier Peter Lougheed created a joint venture telecom company with NovAtel to help diversify the province’s economy.


Final Words: A bird in the hand is worth two Kleenex.