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Parker’s Pen – March 2022

David Parker

No matter what we think about the problems of climate change, it’s a subject that is a constant in the media. No doubt that weather around the world is causing calamities we haven’t experienced for a long time, and we should be doing our best to respond in any way we can.

Persuading people to stop cutting down trees is a huge challenge that must be addressed, but persuading people to cycle the Crowchild instead of driving will have little effect.

Yet, looking back over time there have always been crazy unpredictable weather patterns.

I enjoyed reading an account of British mountaineer F.S. Smythe who wanted to climb Mount Assiniboine in 1946. He was halted when snow fell to a depth of nearly a foot and ‘it included a substantial fall of snow in Calgary, an unusual circumstance for mid-August’.




An appointment for a full-morning clinic at South Campus would have meant driving the Deerfoot Trail before 7:00 a.m. in unpleasant weather. Instead, we took the advice of friends and booked an overnight stay at the close by Marriott Courtyard in Seton.

Great dinner, excellent accommodation and the hotel offered a hospital rate and allowed us to leave the car in its underground parkade until the early afternoon.

Much appreciated.




I should be so grateful for the number of people who are looking after my inner being. But I’m a little fed up with challenges that are well over the top.

Following a warning about the effects reading Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte might have, a columnist suggested a warning, ‘This book may make you think or in extreme cases make you feel. If you seem to be thinking or feeling call our helpline. Do not delay as thinking and feeling can be consensus threatening.’




I do enjoy watching golf on the TV, but I wonder how many others make sure the tournaments are recorded, saving so much time wading through the same commercials over and over again. And there seems to be more interruptions the closer we get to an exciting finish, especially those frustrating split screens to make sure I don’t skip an insurance offer or a club that will turn even me into a low handicap golfer. I mute them.




I was chastised for suggesting that we allow our new council to settle down and perhaps have the nerve to think as individuals. Before they had fidgeted into their seats some were already giving the Mayor and councillors a “they’ll never make it” grade.

Good to see that some have already stood up to be counted – there’s always hope.




We all get excited to learn of new movies and TV series being shot in the Calgary area, but the production of commercial videos also plays a huge role in our local film industry.

connectFirst Credit Union produced a series of Behind the Scenes videos, 100 per cent Alberta made, that hired 19 cast members, 36 crew, was shot over three days at 15 locations using 29 sets, and booked 170 hotel rooms for a week-long period.

And provided a good economic boost to the Medicine Hat community.


Final words: I have never failed. My success is just postponed.