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Parker’s Pen: November 2020

David Parker

It seems the U.S. election has created much more interest among Canadians than politics in our own country. Maybe we have just given up – but interest is growing in our civic election

A year away but with one member of council already with his eye on the mayor’s chair, possible one or two more, at least a couple expected to retire and who knows, perhaps an incumbent defeat and we could have half a dozen new councillors.

Many would say that’s a good thing, the only precaution is that you don’t have to work an apprenticeship to serve, yet within days you might be making decisions on big budget items without understanding the outcome. Others would say the current council does not understand either which is why they like to spend time dithering about residential speed limits.

What a shame that the Bow Valley Club has closed. It’s been a great facility in the downtown core for the past 38 years, but I guess Covid-19 meant the loss of members and you can’t run any business if income doesn’t cover costs.

Hope Bankers Hall Club and Calgary Petroleum Club are in good shape. Members should be encouraged to spend more time at them. Enjoyed a lunch at the Winter Club where the amount of renovations taking place indicates the member-owned club is in good shape.

I admit to not being a big hockey fan, but so many others lost interest in another non-Canadian-team Stanley Cup.

I understand that hockey for kids is not as popular here as it was. In fact, it was suggested to me there were more old-timers playing than kids today. Might have something to do with the cost of equipment. Pity the family that have a couple of children who both want to play; from boots up they have to be clad in the right equipment. What happened to the fun of an outdoor rink like the ones in the delightful books by artist Bill Brownridge, where kids used newspapers as shinpads and just enjoyed the game.

Avoiding construction, a really pleasant drive is to Turner Valley through Bragg Creek. Top it off with a visit to Eau Claire Distillery where founder David Farran is happy to provide a taste of his new Rupert’s Whiskey.

Too bad that he can sell his gins, vodkas and now whiskey into the U.S, but you won’t find any in a liquor store in Ontario.

We can buy their wine and spirits but no Alberta producer is allowed to sell through their stores.

Oh Canada.

Final Words: Common sense is the least common of all the senses.