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Parker’s Pen – November 2023

David Parker

Some new developments take a long time to percolate, but the 10 years Dick Haskayne had to wait to see the opening of the regional park that he had donated $5 million worth of land to, must have made him quite frustrated.

But the wrangling with adjacent landowners was settled and the Haskayne Legacy Park sloping down to the Bow River on the banks of the Bearspaw Reservoir is now open to the public who can now also enjoy the 2,400-square-foot pavilion that Haskayne donated a further $2 million to construct.

Thank you, Dick and Lois.


I don’t like demonstrations, marches or any kind of protest, but I have to side with the Calgary Co-op in organizing a petition to keep its compostable bags at the checkout counter.

They will be banned as of December in the federal government’s crack-down on single-use plastic bags, yet they are sold in packages on the store shelves. Doesn’t make a lot of sense – and don’t we all need garbage bin liners?


Let’s hope all the discussion on transit safety results in all of us having no fear in riding the LRT or bus. It’s bad, but Calgary is not alone. A disturbing column in the National Post related that a prominent Toronto businessman had issued an open letter decrying that city’s decline into violence and disorder.

Verbally and physical assaulted on the street, he wrote, “I assume for the arrogance of wearing a suit and tie?”

Not an easy task but we have to combat all kinds of what I will call bad manners of the worst kind.


If there is any good that can come out of the awful stress put on parents whose children became ill due to negligence in a company kitchen, it is that all chefs and kitchen staffs will be very diligent in the way keep their premises clean and the way they prepare meals.


After attending a spectacular, sunshiny day at Spruce Meadows during The Masters, it’s hard to imagine how that facility could get better. Yet, next to Canada House a new building is under construction that will house a second-floor 5,600-square-foot restaurant – overlooking the international ring – above a café.

Going to be a very popular addition.


The Inn on Officers Garden was a great choice for Riddell Kurzaba’s client reception, lots of space in the restaurant and ballroom, and covered and outdoor patio areas – plus good food.

On the way I noticed the Veranda Brew Pub along Flanders Avenue and enjoyed a later visit there to what was The Stables at Currie Barracks. It is now transformed into a unique collaboration between Burwood Distillery and Vaycay Brewery Co. Casual pub, cocktail bar and restaurant with a huge outdoor patio and is worthy of many return visits.


There were many words of wisdom offered by inductees to the Junior Achievement Alberta at its Business Hall of Fame gala dinner. Role model Lou MacEachern, when he was asked when he was going to retire said, “What do you do when you retire?” When answered with, “You can do anything you like,” the 90-year-old replied, “Then I guess I’m retired.”


Final Words: The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible takes a little longer. ~ Fridtjof Nansen