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Parker’s Pen – October 2021

David Parker

As I write it is only the beginning of September but we are already being overloaded with election promises. By publishing time, the federal unwanted election will be over, and my only comment is that Prime Minister Trudeau was so confident in the “thank you for all you’ve given us” support from Quebec, his party gave up on Alberta. I have been receiving at least two emails each day from the Conservative party; but to date nary a one asking for my Liberal – or any other – party vote.

And no one has knocked at my door even for the civic election. I’m also surprised at the lack of signs put up by candidates hoping to be our new mayor or council member. Only spotted four around my house for different mayoral hopefuls, unless they are hidden between those promoting classes in Spanish, saving our parks, Karate lessons or maid services.


Many of my emails are also concerned about our provincial politics. How come our government is making so many decisions that upset even its hard-core supporters?

I scratch my head wondering who makes up pandemic rules. They love upsetting restaurants and bars that have surely had a rough time, so why put the towel over the beer pumps at 10:00 p.m.? Why not 9:50 p.m. or later? Even the fabled gold coach didn’t turn into a pumpkin until midnight.

The latest in a long string of frustrations was the offer of $100 to persuade the misinformed minority to get a COVID vaccination. Too bad I got mine so soon – I could do with the money. It’s an insult to those of us who have taken the advice of health experts. The only thing dafter was the promise by NDP leader Jagmeet Singh in offering “$1 billion in targeted support to ramp up vaccinations.”

Politicians love giving our money away.


In a lighter vane, how come wherever you travel, house sparrows are invading outdoor patios at restaurants and cafes to grab any crumb that’s dropped? Milan to Maui they are always thankful for a piece of bread, yet the ones in my backyard insist on expensive bags of clean seed.


Companies spend fortunes on advertising and marketing but it’s often the little things that make the biggest impression. Confronted with a new teller at our local connectFirst branch, after an introduction my wife was offered a business card to which was attached a chocolate Hershey kiss. Nice idea.


Congratulations to Concorde Group on the opening of another successful operation. The launch of Major Tom on the 40th floor of Stephen Avenue Place – formerly Scotia Centre – has become an instant, hugely popular evening dining spot. Good service, great food, atmosphere – it has them all. Too bad that due to lack of qualified staff they are not able to open at lunchtime.

Same problem for its Sky 360 on top of the Calgary Tower that remains closed until it can find staff.


Final Words: I’d give my right hand to be ambidextrous.