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Parker’s Pen – September 2021

David Parker

I have voted in all of the elections we’ve (thankfully) been able to participate in. But I am not a big fan of politicians, wondering their reasons for wanting such a demanding job and why, once elected, they spend their time trying to make sure they get re-elected instead of buckling down and solving the problems that might make the world a better place.

Isn’t it interesting how people who have served a term find things that are wrong and promise to right them when they are back in the chambers, even though they have sat there for a whole session without doing anything to solve them?

The polls – on this day – make mention of only sitting members but I was pleased to note a comment from first-time candidate for mayor Brad Field who said, “I’m a businessman, I employ a lot of people, and I sign the front of cheques every month.”


Our current mayor says the arena is a good deal for the citizens, a huge win for the ratepayer. But, not being a believer that the moon is made of cream cheese, I would like to revisit the comment a couple of years down the road.

The cost keeps going up and we have yet to get a shovel in the ground. For goodness’ sake don’t demolish the Saddledome just yet.

Add to this cost the donations from the public purse into a few other projects such as the BMO Centre, Glenbow Museum, Arts Commons and the Green Line, and I hope your kids have good jobs to be able to reimburse the city kitty.


So much for American technology – and spending. It was pointed out to me recently that the U.S. spent millions in designing a ballpoint pen that could write in space. The Russians took a pencil.


British media reports that National Health Service staff, including nurses, paramedic, consultants and salaried GPs, are to get a three per cent pay raise, recognizing their contribution during an ‘unprecedented’ year.

So, what ‘rewards’ are ours getting?


I think one of the sillier pandemic restrictions has to be the banning of rakes in bunkers. Most of us wear a glove anyway but it sure helps those I’ve noticed ‘teeing-up’ the ball on a mound of sand.


Hope we don’t have a worrying environmental problem but during an enjoyable round at Kananaskis I noticed only one chipmunk and not even a crow. And among the flowers in my garden, I have yet to spot a butterfly or a ladybird.


Back to e-scooters if I may. With small wheels and a floorplate close to the ground they must be hard to control over Calgary’s infamous potholes. And I was surprised and ticked off while waiting behind a man and his teenage daughter on 8th Street and 4thAvenue S.W. to watch them nonchalantly buzz across while the light was red.

Not a very good example of parental guidance.


Final Words: Earning a living is mostly earning and not enough living.