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Protecting the Vulnerable Population from Covid-19

Garth Mann

Ideally the human body and mind is capable of aging gracefully, enabling an enjoyable lifestyle. Considering that your genetics account for roughly 1/3rd of your health, there are four (4) pillars that will extend life’s longevity, by preventing pre-conditions that weaken an immune system.

  1. A simple diet that is characterized by a fresh fruit cocktail before larger meals that are prepared with olive oil, combining vegetables and grains with a moderate amount of nuts, dairy products, moderate proteins (fish & chicken mainly), with minimal saturated fats and sodium/sugars. While your body requires proteins with aging, a study found that people over 65 who consume copious amounts of proteins, defined as 20 per cent of daily caloric intake, have a 75 per cent increase in mortality risk.
  2. Physical mobility and Mental activity is a significant factor to prevent chronic health diseases. Improvements in wellness through daily mobility flex and stretch coaching, have improved Biometrics and Vitals that are a significant factor for longevity.
  3. De-Stressing improves your physical wellness & mental wellness. Because your brain is another organ that operates via the same abuses that we subject our body to; it is important to learn the art of Mindful-Meditation. Brain chemicals such as serotonin, circulate everywhere in your body when we are happy or aroused. The art of de-stressing helps to improve sleep patterns and reducing pressures.
  4. Socialization should enhance your mental stimulation. Laughter and optimism are associated with a happier and longer life. We need to pay attention to the present and accept the past by being non-judgmental of others including ourselves. Avoid depression, through socialization.


By following the four pillars for wellness, you are preventing and postponing the pre-conditions (co-morbidities) leading to life ending flu’s, viruses or illnesses.

Manor Village Life Centers uses new technologies for maintaining a healthy environment.   Here is the future that is happening today at Manor Villages.

Dr. Wellness is a contactless & self-checking robotic scanner for assessing those who enter a Manor Village for facial recognition and abnormal temperatures. Any abnormal temperature or incorrectly answering AHS analytic questions, will prevent the inside door from opening.

The Manor Villages provide additional protection by cleansing 99% of the air of regenerative cell’s DNA –RNA of germs, bacteria and viruses. The high intensity UV-C Sterilizing Trolley goes into action at night when NOT occupied by people. When a person is near, the device turns off.

We want to protect our residents, staff and guests as much as possible from COVID as well as other pandemics that come along each year.