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McKenzie Meadows Golf Tip

Translate the Slap Shot into a Powerful Golf Swing


Do hockey players have an advantage when it comes to learning to strike a golf ball? Power and consistency may be improved if we can learn from them.

Hockey players understand that in order to shoot the puck harder, they must strike down at the ice and compress the shaft. The harder and faster the player hits down, the harder the shot. To create this force, the hockey player turns faster utilizing core strength muscles. It is not a swinging of the hands and arms that creates the power.

The similarity in this golf and hockey shot is that at the point of impact the club and stick shafts are leaning: meaning the hands are in front of the blade or the club face at the point of impact. If golfers can incorporate this key fundamental, they will be learning to utilize their core body strength to generate more speed, power and consistency. This results in better consistency because the golfer will not be trying to find the speed with their hands and arms, thus stabilizing the club face through impact.

Check out the video at http://mckenziemeadows.com/golf_tips/ to see what I am talking about.