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Senior Supportive Living in Comparison to Long Term Care

Garth Mann

The public has been bombarded with media reports of how severe this extreme Flu Virus has affected our senior population; especially those who reside at long-term care or nursing home facilities. You may not have been aware, that thousands of seniors in Calgary are living quite comfortably enjoying an interesting lifestyle in Supportive Living Residences, that have weathered the storm of COVID-19 with everyone healthy.

Senior Supportive Living Centers cater to those seniors who need some assistance with the preparation of healthy cuisines plus housekeeping–including linens. The socialization with others, that stimulate memory games, with organized activities for entertainment are both creative and educational. These healthy seniors appreciate that care providing nurses are available when needed.

Families are amazed when their loved ones often remark that they wished they would have made the move sooner to Senior Supportive Care.  Imagine how lonely it is for a senior who has lost their spouse, and they are now living alone worried about the issues of maintaining their home.  With loneliness comes inadequate nutrition, feeling unsafe and becoming anxious which can often lead to depression and dementia. Most seniors remark that they appreciated their children recommending they move to a Senior Supportive Care center. During COVID most senior living communities were closed to tours but if you searched you could find some that are safely offering opportunities to move-in.

There are different levels of services in supportive living.

Level 1 or Independent living is for those individuals seeking companionship and cognitive stimulation, freshly prepared cuisine, housekeeping, transportation to appointments, and 24 hour emergency call and response.

Level 2 is Supportive and Personalized Health Assistance for Medical Health Challenges includes the level 1 services, plus assistance with activities for daily living which includes bathing, personal hygiene, medication assistance, stocking assistance and mobility coaching for fall prevention.

Level 3 or Enhanced Care is for those residents requiring enhanced nursing care. Enhanced care includes nursing services, which may include wound care, post-operative care, or palliative care for the senior with declining health.

Level 4 Secured Memory Care is required to protect the senior who has declining memory. The services include social activities, stimulating Seeing is Believing entertainment using music as a source, and promoting stretch and flex mobility for an improved quality of life.

Long Term Care or Nursing Home Care has received the majority of the COVID-19 press since March 2020. The senior deaths in Canada are mainly those living in these facilities, often showing comorbidities of chronic diseases that weaken their immune system. Seniors with complex, unpredictable medical needs requiring 24-hour onsite nursing services are the most vulnerable.

Our sincere condolences go out to families with loved ones living in Long Term Care and Nursing Homes who have become an angel as a result of COVID-19.

As well we appreciate beyond words, the front-line staff of senior supportive living residences who have participated in all the measures advised by Albert Health Services to prevent COVID-19 from entering their center.