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Stonewalled by Empty Rhetoric

Shane Wenzel

Anger seems to be the strongest characteristic apparent on the streets of Calgary and elsewhere in Alberta. After 14 months, and counting, it is understandable! Perhaps it is better described as people are just ‘downright frustrated.’

Perhaps it is partly due to the cavalier attitude that people believe we experience from all government ‘towns.’ Compared to the rest of us they appear relatively unaffected. Or is it based on the perception that entrepreneurial centres across the province like Calgary are still experiencing layoffs, caused by lockdowns and other tactics. Jobs and livelihoods disappear out papered-over windows, while ‘government town jobs’ remain ‘mostly untouched.’ At the same time, associations and unions use this as a chance to lobby for more benefits while others struggle to buy groceries and pay bills.

To add fuel to discontent, ‘opposition parties’ are taking advantage of the absolute lowest point in several generations to ‘play politics’ and end their attacks with ‘we are all in this together,’ but “I could do better.” Really? We had that experience once!

Is a [andemic really the time for all this? It appears clear that no one really understands what is happening, nor just how to move forward, including the medical community. Otherwise, advice would not be everchanging. Even they are posturing and building opposing sides among their own peer groups. All this at a time when we need them to be the calming voice, have the courage to admit every day is a new experience for them too, rather than using this as an opportunity to lecture and play politics within their own cohort.

Our media is dominated by unqualified ‘opinions.’ Many who do it without shame. The rest get hushed, intentionally misquoted, labelled as poor leaders, or unconcerned for their neighbours or their constituents. We all know they are as much ‘in the dark’ about ‘what’s next’ as everyone else.

Few politicians have mentioned being ‘good Party Soldiers’ – quite the opposite in fact. In my humble opinion, we need more cooperation and less egos and ‘self-proclaimed experts’ to get our province back to ‘normal.’ And I don’t mean ‘the new normal’ that is being headlined.

Where is this ‘we are all in this together’ coziness we hear so much about? The hypocrisy is downright shameful. We will never get to ‘what’s next for Alberta’ if it doesn’t change. Good things are happening every day that we are missing out on.

We already know none of the new grand ideas in the 2021 Federal Budget can occur without Alberta. We have all the resources the world needs for a recovery. All we need is less rhetoric and government regulations. Every ‘Green Utopia’ idea hatched in Ottawa has emulated out of Ingenuous Ignorance of reaching their goal. Unless you actually believe Alice in Wonderland is real!

There is a new entrepreneurial Task Force for Jobs and Recovery being formed. Drop the anger, offer your expertise and ideas, and plan to be part of the recovery.