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Shane Wenzel

They May Not Build Roads – But They Build Homes 

Housing has now become the PM’s latest expertise. He has declared ‘their plan’ to solve the housing crises. With no background in the housing industry, his Party has outlined steps they intend to take to accomplish ‘his plan’. Canadians have been building, buying, selling and

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Senselessness on Climate Change

Attendees to yet another COP28 gathering of ‘the rich, the famous and the confused’ under the guise of saving the world from alleged manmade global warming, met in oil–rich Dubai

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What’s going on in Canada? 

After enjoying several days of golf in warm Arizona, I returned home to hear about people hand shoveling their driveway five times a day after the heaviest snowfall of the

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Can the Truth Save AI?

A recent call to a supplier to pay a bill by credit card reminded me of attending conferences by The Futurist Group and one of their predictions. I am no

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Hands off our Money!

Divisions and attempts to influence in politics is not new to those of us who pay attention to what appears to be directing our destiny. Compromise using logic and truth

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From Home to Homelessness

With house prices rising and homeownership becoming increasingly impossible for many Canadians, it’s a very convenient time for the Prime Minister to suddenly announce that “it’s not his job.” The

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How Did We Get Here?

Some days it feels like our country cannot survive if the Trudeau Liberals are in control for another four years, and even six more months may be too long. Trudeau’s

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