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The new Normal for Living Well


Garth Mann

Although our genes determine everything from our height to our physical features, our genetics account for about one-third of how healthy we are and our longevity on this planet. Indeed, there is no reason why most humans don’t live to be 100 years young, including retaining good health with reasonable memory.

When we do health assessments on our elderly residents at The Manor Villages, there are a high percentage that fear memory loss with aging, along with the fear of falling.

According to the World Health Organization, the frequency and severity of falls increases with age and is directly related to a decreased level of activity and mobility.

The Manor Villages work with a non-profit society called The Academy of Aging in meeting the needs for fall Prevention.

Fall Risks are measured through a program called Balanced Tracking System where the nurse assesses the senior’s fall risk factor. If the fall risks are medium to high, we recommend to the senior and the family that a prevention program be developed for their loved-one’s wellness.

1: The program starts with an assessment of the resident’s medications by our pharmacist, since many medications have side-reactions causing dizziness.

2: The next step is a visit with a Pedorthist, who assesses the footwear for each senior. Adjustments to shoes and soles is a simple means to correct balance issues with several seniors.

3: However, most often The Academy of Aging calls on an Exercise Therapist to begin mobility stretch & flex coaching which includes balance exercises on the Balanced Tracker Exergames.   A series of guided progressive resistance coaching techniques build up strength over time, improving musculature – ligaments—joints, and therefore, balance.

4: The assessment of a properly fitted walking assistive device helps the resident during the coaching program to mitigate falls.

5: With improvement through these programs the resident develops a reduced fear of falling as they begin to participate in more activities with their senior colleagues.

6: Monthly education sessions are presented at The Manor Village Life Centers based on:

  1. How Falls Happen?
  2. Techniques if You Feel You are Going to Fall.
  3. What to do Should You Fall or Observe a Fall.
  4. Importance of being as Mobile and Active as You Can.
  5. Focusing on The High Risk Residents Wherever Possible.