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The Solutions for Healthy Aging

Garth Mann

Physicians know that the human body and mind are without a doubt beyond the scope of the finest mechanism or instruments ever created by science. The capacity of our body & mind, if treated respectfully with exercise & mobility — proper nourishment—de-stressing which includes sleep enhancement and socialization; are the Key Aspects for healthy aging.

Many Canadians feel that since healthcare is FREE, it has little value to them. They look to their physician and government to be accountable for their health with no responsibility for their own wellness. The percentages of senior Canadians who exercise regularly and properly is statistically low, and this is the principle reason doctors are worn-out trying to educate their patients towards healthy aging, versus prescribing another pill.

Families often wait too long to introduce their senior loved-one(s) to The Manor Village Life Centers, where activity therapists take the responsibility to provide 35 minutes daily for mobility stretch and flex coaching. Some seniors stand and many sit during the programs to music as they exercise vitals—joints—ligaments—muscles for improved health and better coordination and balance.

Many seniors who live alone, have diets that they are not able to metabolize. Being less-mobile requires diet amendments such as the larger meal during mid-day rather than later in the day. As an example, we always start our meals with a fruit cocktail, preceding with a chicken breast cuisine where the chicken is initially boiled in water to soften its texture before sautéing with vegetables and low-salt sauces in a stir-fry, stew or rice bowl.

We are aware of diabetic diets and allergies to dairy, nuts or foods that might cause indigestion and constipation.

Preserving memory with aging involves a proper diet with mobility, but also 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep. Mindful-Meditation is a marvelous program where we assist our seniors to practice Breathing Techniques—Positive Thinking—Being Non-Judgmental—Appreciating Themselves—giving Gratitude to avoid Depression.   Our TULSI – TEA is served after meditation to help de-stress with happy thoughts.

Socializing with others cannot be emphasized enough. How can a senior with reduced mobility be expected to live at home alone? People need stimulation, with planned activities, mind stimulating Walks-Down-Memory-Lane, being creative with arts and crafts plus music, as well as entertainment to enhance new neural pathways for avoiding memory loss with aging.

These are the 4 dynamics for Healthy Aging, that should be on all Canadian’s daily agenda for longevity.