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Category: June 2022

Pivoting Towards the Future

Calgary’s story over the past 20 years includes many different things: oil-fuelled high times and employment-crushing busts; entrepreneurial risk-takers and newcomers looking to build a life; the influx and flight

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Mental Health at Work

Calgary employers are dealing with an insidious and challenging crisis: mental health in the workplace! Throughout North America, mental health concerns and burnout have skyrocketed. Nearly six times as many

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‘Coach, put me in!’

Our workplace has forever changed. No surprise. A two-year global pandemic has a way of doing that. Yet it’s also spawned an opportunity for employers to re-examine their workplace culture

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MNP Community and Sport Centre:

On May 18, an iconic Calgary sports and recreation landmark was renamed the MNP Community and Sport Centre. Formerly the Repsol Sport Centre, the name marks the start of a

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AltaLink’s $1.2 million gift

A generous $1.2 million donation from AltaLink is helping STARS reach its ambitious fundraising goal for the multi-year capital campaign to renew its fleet of air ambulance helicopters. The Keep

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Iconic Alberta Boot Company

The iconic Alberta Boot Company has announced an exciting new 30,000 square foot brand experience centre in the beltline, just in time for summer. The hybrid space will showcase the brand’s

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Where Did All the Workers Go?

It’s easy to find work in Calgary! ‘Now Hiring’ signs are on display everywhere across Calgary. Some employers are offering higher than the ‘newest minimum wage’; and others are enticing

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