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Category: May 2024

Road Ahead

If you’ve traveled on an Alberta highway lately, you probably didn’t think much about the actual road you were on. Details like when it was built, by whom, who maintains

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Training, Re-training and Upskilling

Four decades ago, when clunky, Jurassic computers roamed the earth, the Internet was just barely invented and 20 years before Steve Jobs created the iPhone, the computer catchphrase “garbage in/garbage

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Boosting Calgary Real Estate

Calgary’s real estate, sales-to-listing ratios, benchmark prices and consumer trends have calmed down and stabilized from the last few “hot market” years. And despite jittery consumer confidence aggravated by the

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A Walk in the Park

Continued tightness in Canada’s industrial market over recent years has propelled Calgary into the warehousing and distribution spotlight.  Direct access to key inland port hubs, expanded CN and CP intermodal

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Clean Club Calgary

The efficient and thorough cleaning of a home or an office is vitally important. So are reliability, trust and professionalism. They are qualities and priorities which set Calgary Clean Club

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Senselessness on Climate Change

Attendees to yet another COP28 gathering of ‘the rich, the famous and the confused’ under the guise of saving the world from alleged manmade global warming, met in oil–rich Dubai

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One Thing

If you were only allowed to teach golfers one thing, what would it be?  At a golf-teaching symposium I was asked, “If you could only have one thing to teach

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Parker’s Pen – May 2024

I love trees – we all love trees. There are people who believe they can communicate with trees, people who believe trees can feel pain. Certainly, a large tree can exude

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