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Parker’s Pen – June 2020

David Parker

The awful virus has had a hugely negative effect on so many people, but I must say the isolation has also meant an appreciation of so many things. Taking the time to have my morning coffee on the back deck – although I do miss the servers at Phil’s – is so pleasant being able to watch the robins and sparrows enjoy burying their heads in the bird bath.

I’ve never seen so many people just walking along my street without a dog tugging at a lead. And the Little Free Library across the street is doing a roaring trade.

Everyone has been talking about getting back to normal. It will never be ‘normal’ as it was. Will we be hugging again and worrying whether a person wants a “good to see you” kiss on one or two cheeks? The Japanese way of bowing – not too close – seems a delightfully pleasant way to say hello.

There’s also some concern about people wanting to stay home and forget going to an office. Hopefully that will change as so much can be accomplished when seeing people face to face, watching body language which Zoom doesn’t offer, and I believe so many good business ideas are the result of hanging around the office coffee machine.

Companies could indeed save on office space if staff did their work from home but surely, they would miss out on convenient access to filing, a quick conversation with others, to say nothing of the all-important relationships. I read recently, “No creature on earth is more socially dependent than a human being.”

Then there’s the problem of an already over abundance of downtown office space. Over the past few years, we went from everyone has an office to open seating for all. Can’t imagine again accepting a cubicle close up to another and right across a short divider from someone else. And surely staff will not want to sit in tiny meeting rooms or even around large board room tables for that matter. Perhaps companies will have to lease more space.

I’m sure Parkland Fuel’s new office space in the BP Centre is pretty nice but the media release describing it really ticked me off. You see Parkland Fuel accepted a million plus dollars of our money through CED, and then gave a big thank you kick in the butt by hiring a Toronto interior design company. Shame on them – we happen to have a number of very good designers here that would enjoy the business. Support local says the mayor and chamber.

But to finish off on a high note. Despite the fact that Willow Park Wines & Spirits lost all of its wholesale restaurant and bar business, it is supporting the Calgary Zoo by donating $2.50 of every bottle of gorilla-labelled Argentinian red and white wine to its conservation projects until year-end.

End Quote: The best things in life aren’t things