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Category: January 2021

One Hundred Years Strong

There are very few businesses in Calgary that can today boast a 100-year history. A past that includes the great depression, world wars, technological leaps and bounds and now, a

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Post-pandemic Financial Planning

“Some things never change” may be a financial cliché that has been redefined by nine months’ worth of COVID risks and money anxiety. It is unanimous: 2020 was no ordinary

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A mental health pandemic

Mary Swaffield knew things needed to change. Like many, the Calgary-based chief executive officer at the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA) and her five-person team switched to a work-from home

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Jaguar Land Rover Royal Oak

Paul Valentine, owner of Valentine Volvo, has partnered with the Wyant Group from Saskatoon for his newest venture, Jaguar Land Rover Royal Oak, which recently opened in the Northwest Auto

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Alberta Independent Schools:

Independent schools (referred to as private schools in legislation) have been part of the fabric of Alberta since the province joined confederation. In fact there are independent schools that have

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Memories – Inn on Officer’s Garden

During the 1930’s as young men stationed at Currie Barracks prepared themselves for World War ll, they wanted to have some enjoyment with pleasant memories before they were called off to

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Parker’s Pen – January 2021

I’m a big fan of the several ‘Buy Local’ campaigns as a way of trying to help some of our hard-hit retailers, so the increasing number of people buying online

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Leave 2020 Where it Belongs

By now you’ve read a few year-end reviews, and you’ve noticed an emerging trend. We all agree last year was worse than terrible. ‘Cataclysmic’ might be the better word. Hundreds

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My Run For Mayor

Sometimes it feels like yesterday, other times it feels like a lifetime since I started writing this column. It began as a platform to discuss great business practices, leadership and

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HESCO: Still Agile at 100

HESCO is a kitchen design and supply company that creates efficient, modern, eco-friendly food service spaces for restaurants, corporations, institutions, oil and gas camps, and hotels. Established in 1921, the

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